Event Team

Grace Omotunde, M.S.,
Event Manager
Cornell University and Tufts University Graduate; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduate Student (Baltimore/Washington, DC Area)
Jazmin Lovett
Sociology Major, Legal Studies Minor
Morgan State University (Baltimore, Maryland)
Briana Jackson
Political Science Major, Sociology Minor
Howard University, (Washington, DC)
Milaj Robinson
Political Science Major
Morehouse College (Atlanta, Georgia)
Asia Tilghman
Political Science Major, International Relations Minor
Lincoln University of Pennsylvania (Lincoln, Pennsylvania)
Sylvia Smith, M.S.
College Graduate and Grad School Graduate, Master of Science, Criminal Justice Specialization in Forensic Science, University of Arizona Global Campus
Bachelor of Science, Political Science and Government , (Washington, DC)
Princess Jolie Charles
Political Science Major, Business Administration Minor
Howard University, (Washington, DC)
JaLynn Davis
Graduate Student
Howard University, (Washington, DC)
Precious Houston
College Graduate
Clark Atlanta University, (Atlanta, Georgia)
Kenyari Sawyer
Criminology Major, Legal Communications Minor
Howard University, (Washington, DC)